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  • The Respect for Human Dignity is a Leverage for Development

Main information

Founded in 1997, CAJAD has been promoting Human Rights, Social Justice, Democracy, Good Governance, Transparency, Food security, Health care, culture, Sustainable Environment and Forest in Cameroon.

It also works to boost civil and political rights of Cameroonian people, especially giving women and youths the opportunity to manifest their political and social leadership skills

CAJAD envisages a Cameroon characterised by the rule of law, mutual respect and full participation of all and sundry in the management of public affairs and in all spheres of nation-building, so as to attain commendable standard of development.

Our mission is to mobilize, galvanize and build the capacities of the vulnerable population, especially youths and women, for better socio-economic and political integration.

CAJAD is a National non-profit, non discriminatory, apolitical Human Right and Development non-governmental Organisation legally registered in Cameroon with Head Office in Limbe, South West Region, and a field office in Mbanga, Littoral Region. CAJAD works in two Regions of Cameroon (South West - one of the two Anglophone Regions - and Littoral - one of the eight Francophone Regions). But the impact of our work is felt both at Local and National levels. » read more

...Our works are defined according to the need of the community in a charitable and participatory approach paying particular attention to the short-term, mid-term and long term needs of the communities...

CAJAD focuses on the promotion of Human Rights (Social Justice, Democracy and Good Governance), Environment & Development (Food security, poverty alleviation and Forest governance), Community Health (Health Care, Hygiene/Sanitation and Health Insurance), and Cultural Animation (Literature/Creative Writing, Performing Arts/Theatre and Historical Heritage). This provides a better guide through wish we take direct community actions as well as influence policies that impact on the needs and Sustainability of our communities.

We pay much attention to participatory approach, giving the citizens the chance to take the lead, thereby building a sustainable community. Thus we believe direct action without the community participation is a waste of resources.

Livanda Kongo Water Project

In line with MDG No7, target 7C, CAJAD has worked on a project to rehabilitate a water source (spring) in Livanda Kongo, a neighbourhood in Limbe, to supply potable water to the inhabitants of this community, in a bid to address the problem of water shortage and health hazards conspicuous in the area.

On that note, after a technical/feasibility study conducted on the project, and the water analysed, CAJAD obtained the financial support of the Japanese Embassy in Cameroon for the construction of the water facilities (water catchments, storage tank, distribution networks and stand taps).

Thereafter, CAJAD animated the population to create a water management committee that runs the affairs of the community water. Presently the management of the Livanda Kongo community water has being handled to them.

Women In Politics

In Cameroon, women comprise approximately 52 percent of the population but are under represented in both the municipal and legislative houses occupying only 25 out of the 180 seats in parlament , and only 22 out of the 360 of mayoral posts.In this framework, and in view of the 2013 municipal and legislative elections, CAJAD, with the support of NED, has been organizing initiatives to increase women participation in the political and electoral processes in Cameroon, with particular emphasis on the seven (07) subdivisions (Limbe I, Limbe II, Limbe III, Buea, Tiko, Muyuka and Idenau) of Fako Division in the South West Region.

The vision is to enhance democracy in our country by assisting women to enjoy full political and civil rights. This project will strengthen the participation and performances of Fako women in the electoral process and governance of our country.

Municipal Participatory Good Governance

The fight against corruption has emerged as major theme in issues of governance in Cameroon. In this light, as governance continues to drift toward the grassroots, with the advent of the decentralisation process in Cameroon, it becomes urgent to guard against corruption in these decentralized structures, so as to boost transparency in the management of public affairs.

In this regard, CAJAD has begun a pilot project with the support of the British High Commission in Cameroon, to enhance transparency and participation of the population in municipal council affairs. CAJAD has built the capacities of council authorities, councillors, representatives of communities and civil society actors in about 10 municipal councils in the South West and Littoral Regions on participatory governance and budget tracking, and has equally assisted some communities to monitor the execution of some council projects. To boost communication and interaction between council authorities and the communities, CAJAD has organised public hearings for mayors in some council areas.