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CAJADís main preoccupation is to promote the respect for Human Dignity and Good Governance as fundamental tools for development, especially among the grassroots masses. The advancement of Human Rights in our communities will enable the population to build a more harmonious society and contribute in defining their future. Over the years, CAJAD has embarked on many activities to foster human dignity and Equitable Justice in our society

Minorities in Politic

CAJAD contributes to the enhancement of democracy in our country by assisting Cameroonians, especially under-privileged and under-represented people to enjoy full political and civil rights, so as to strengthen their participation and performances in the electoral process and governance.

Voter Education

CAJAD organises vast education/sensitisation out-reach programs to discourage voter apathy and trigger massive participation in Cameroon elections. This is usually done through outlets such as posters, flyers, banners, radio broadcast, talks, conferences and theatre.

Election Monitoring

The relevance of election-monitoring does not need to be over-emphasized. While CAJAD takes active part in observing elections, CAJAD equally trains observers from civil society organisations and groups to boost independent observation in national elections and produce reports.

Volunteers for Democracy

CAJAD equally trains peer-educators who serve as volunteers disseminating keynote lessons on democracy and elections among the grassroots masses, as to ensure that the local populations are adequately informed on the question.

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