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Food Security

Our goal here is to enhance socio-economic services and participatory development in our communities, so as to alleviate poverty, through the promotion of self-employment initiatives, environmental conservation / protection and sustainable management of our forests.

Value Chain Development

CAJAD promotes the Value Chain Development approach in agriculture to boost agricultural productivity, sales and income level of rural farmers. This approach helps to bring about a win-win scenario between all key actors in the chain.

Agriculture in Schools

CAJAD supports the creation of school gardens, to enable children and youths acquire practical skills in agriculture which remains the mainstay of our economy.

Income-Generating Micro-Projects

CAJAD undertakes a range of activities to boost the economic potential of the grassroots population. These activities include assistance to conceive micro projects and obtain loans, as well as trainings on management of small-scale farming projects for commercial and conservation purposes.

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