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Health Care

CAJAD intensifies efforts in encouraging people to adopt positive sexual behaviours so as to avoid STIs/HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy, also to uphold hygiene and sanitation norms in a bid to curb health hazards, which are widespread in our communities.


CAJAD organises vast sensitisation campaigns on common health hazards in our society, notably STIs/HIV/AIDS, malaria and cholera, together with social issues such as sexuality, hygiene and sanitation. Such sensitization activities often take place during commemoration of certain national and international days. CAJAD produces and circulates print materials; organises talks, debates, radio programs, conferences and match pass. CAJAD also assists in informing the general public on health campaigns from which they can benefit.


CAJAD offers free counselling to the public on diverse health-related issues. We equally advise and persuades/encourages the public (especially youths and women) to go in for the free HIV/AIDS screening test during the commemoration of the Youth Week, the International Day of the Woman and World AIDS Day, when free screening campaigns are usually carried out by government and some institutions.

Capacity Building

CAJAD organizes training workshops on a series of health related issues with civil society actors and local communities, notably first aid, treatment of uncomplicated common infections, attending patients/infected persons etc. CAJAD equally trains peer-educators on diverse health questions.

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