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Informal Justice


This initiative is intended to foster a state of justice in Fako by promoting the observance of Human Rights in the informal justice system. It seeks to enhance application of Human Rights norms in Fako informal justice institutions and increase awareness of human rights in the grassroots in Fako Division.

Brief Background

Over the years, CAJAD has observed a weak level of awareness and application of Human Rights principles within the grassroots and traditional councils as informal justice institutions. This is buttressed by the fact that there is remarkable ignorance on issues of Human Rights within the grassroots, which has in turn resulted in gross and rampant instances of Human Rights abuses.

Activities undertaken

With the support of NED, CAJAD has contributed to buttress the observance of Human Rights in Traditional Councils as informal justice institutions, by training Limbe traditional council officials on Application of Human Rights in Informal Justice Institutions.

CAJAD with inputs from key stakeholders of informal justice elaborated a Procedural Guide for traditional council judicial activities, which takes into consideration provisions of basic Human Right texts. This document has been very instrumental in the dispensation of fair and equitable justice in Limbe traditional councils, and has helped to render the system more efficient.

CAJAD equally built the capacity of some council officials as trainers on the Procedural Guide, so that they would in turn train their peers. This has helped to enhance their performances in the dispensation of their functions as agents in conflict resolution, and to foster the observance of Human Rights in the discharge of their duties.

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