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To increase human rights awareness in the grassroots using languages which the layman can easily understand.

Brief Background

Most efforts for Human Rights education in the grassroots have been handicapped by use of foreign and technical languages which are inadequate for the understanding of the common man in the communities. This has rather left the masses more and more ignorant on the question of Human Rights. Thus with the support of NED, CAJAD has begun an initiative to sensitize the lay-man on human rights using down-to-earth national languages and lingua franca, which they can better understand.

Activities undertaken

CAJAD Director (standing) speaks to national language radio broadcasters and Human Rights actors

CAJAD in 2010 organized a workshop on the theme Training of Radio Lingua Franca and Vernacular Broadcasters on Human Rights Education in Limbe. The training brought together fifty (50) participants (twenty-five broadcasters from radio stations and twenty-five broadcasters/staff of Human Rights organizations) from Fako Division. The aim was to equip and urge national language broadcasters in the radios, as well as staff of Human Rights organizations, to exploit the radio as a medium for Human Rights education in the grassroots, using local languages which the masses can better comprehend.

In 2011, as follow up action to the training with national language radio broadcasters on Human Rights Education, CAJAD produced radio spots on Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women in five local languages (Pidgin, Bakweri, Bakossi, Metta and Bayangi), which are predominant in Fako Division. The radio spots were multiplied to make available copies for four radio stations in Fako Division, which have been using these spots to enrich their programs on Human Rights education, and the grassroots masses have been showing much appreciation of these radio programs

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