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Literature/Creative Writing

CAJAD attaches importance to preservation and development of cultural values among our population especially among young people. In this light, CAJAD undertakes a series of activities to foster creativity, to create the love for our local cultures, to develop talents, to encourage performing arts and recreation, as avenues for learning, self-employment and development.


CAJAD organises a series of avenues for young people to develop skills in critical, didactic and creative writing. This is usually done through literature contests and call for newsletter articles. The essence of this initiative is to promote writing culture and talent, and to sensitise the public on contemporary issues affecting them.


CAJAD runs a modest library with documents on diverse fields (academics, literature, governance and development). This library serves as source of reference for inquiries and knowledge to both staff and members of the public. Every year, CAJAD seeks to obtain more documentation to beef-up the structure.

Video Projection

CAJAD regularly organises forums for projection of videos on school texts as well as documentaries, to ease understanding of students and the general public on diverse social questions.

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