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The vision of this action is to contribute to the enhancement of democracy in our country by assisting women to enjoy full political and civil rights. This project seeks to strengthen the participation and performances of Fako women in the electoral process and governance of our country

Brief Background

Women are under-represented in governments of most countries worldwide, in contrast to men. In Cameroon, women comprise approximately 52 percent of the population but are under represented in both the municipal and legislative houses occupying only 25 out of the 180 seats in parlament , and only 22 out of the 360 of mayoral posts.

Tiko women pose after sensitization workshop.

Activities undertaken

Within this framework of female under-representation, and in view of the 2013 municipal and legislative elections, CAJAD, with the support of NED, continued to organize initiatives to increase women participation in the political and electoral processes in Cameroon, with particular emphasis on the seven (07) subdivisions (Limbe I, Limbe II, Limbe III, Buea, Tiko, Muyuka and Idenau) of Fako Division in the South West Region.

During the first phase of the initiative in 2012, CAJAD organized sensitization workshops to encourage women to take up leadership roles within their respective political parties, so as to increase their

Guest speakers talk on women’s political participation Limbe.

chances of being invested as party candidates in the municipal and legislative elections. CAJAD later organized a series of workshops to encourage women to vie for offices in the upcoming elections. CAJAD equally produced a handbook to educate women on concepts and procedures related to elections in Cameroon, so as to enable them to have some basic skills in their attempt to vie for political offices. These actions were boosted by the production of posters with a message encouraging women to vie for political offices.

In 2013, CAJAD began the second phase of the initiative, and trained 30 women from all over Fako Division as peer-educators on the new electoral code of Cameroon, to help women to know the basic and key provisions of the code, and enable them to actively take part in all relevant levels of the electoral processes, especially as voters and candidates in upcoming elections.

Enthusiastic women of Fako Division chant women’s anthem at opening of workshop

CAJAD will continue to sensitize the general public to rally forces behind competent female candidates at the upcoming elections. Thereafter, CAJAD will build the capacity of newly-elected female municipal councillors in Fako Division; and organize public hearing/interaction forum between Fako parliamentarians and women.

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